Since the Government terminated the function of listing church names the National Register of Independent Churches was established to render these services. The NRIC prefers to deal directly with churches. The NRIC handles church matters on a professional basis. It is a church-support institution doing archival research on behalf of the churches in the RSA. The NRIC is the most representative list of churches in the RSA based on the old records and the names of new churches submitted to the NRIC. On receipt of the applications form the name will be checked against our Database. If it appears that the name was not listed before it could be listed right away into the NRIC.The names of its present leaders will be kept for reference purposes only.

The NRIC does not appoint, recognize or legalize church leaders. Please note that the names of Churches and Organizations are only listed into the NRIC. There is no law governing churches. Churches could, therefore, not be registered, only listed or re-listed. Complete freedom of Religion prevails in the RSA that does not require legislation.The listing or re-listing of the name of the church is optional. It is however, highly recommended that the leaders of the church list the name into the NRIC to protect the name of the church as the intellectual property of its members, to establish order among all independent churches and to guard against internal problems in future.

Our Database currently consists of over 25000 church names, of which 9000 are listed with the NRIC. If your church leaders wish to list with the NRIC, you may send us a email with your contact details and the name of the Church. We will send a Application form to you to complete. By listing with the NRIC you will be issued with a Listing Certificate and Certificates of recognition for use by the leaders of the church.
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To have a application form for listing send to you please email, fax or sms the following information to us:
Name of the church, ministry, association, organization
Name of a contact person
Postal Address
Fax number and/or email address if available

sms information to 083 785 3959 or
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